The most extensive WA coverage you can get for you and your employees

The WA Complete protects you, your employees and even the car against different risks. The 3rd party liability coverage that is required by law. Citizens also includes all the protection offered in our Extra and Comfort coverage combined in this insurance. That means your car is insured in case of Theft, Fire, Explosion and against Joyriding and Uninsured drivers. Even your passengers have extra protection.

Why choose this insurance? 

  • A 3rd party coverage and a very extensive coverage for you, your employees, the car and passengers
  • Attractive premiums and benefits
  • Free Road Service in case of an accident
  • Free Road Side Assistance, in case of a flat tire, no gasoline, key locked in the car, help is on your way
  • Fast and easy claims handling
  • No deductible 

What does it cover?

  • 3rd party liability coverage with a minimum of Afl.150.000
  • Protection against Theft, Fire, Explosion and even Joyriding
  • Coverage against uninsured drivers for material damages to your car
  • Passengers are insured for an amount of Afl.30.000 per vehicle.

Coverage table

Coverages WA
WA Casco
WA Casco
Third-Party Liability * * * * * *
Damages by uninsured vehicles   *   *   *
Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.)   *   *   *
Theft     * * * *
Fire and Explosion     * * * *
No Deductable Third-Party* * * * *    
Replacement Vehicle         * *
Own Damage         * *