More protection available for your business

We offer additional coverages so you can decide what is the best coverage for your business.


  • Catastrophe & Natural disasters (Cat-Nat ); protection against hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and more.
  • Glass; protection if glass breaks
  • Induction; damages caused by indirect lightning
  • Index; automatic adjustment of the insured amount according the current value of your property.

Coverage table

Coverages Property
Fire, Explosion, Lightning damage or Loss by aircraft * *
Theft, Burglary and Vandalism   *
Robbery & Extortion   *
If contents are insured Jewelry, Audio, Computer (Max Afl.10.000,-)   *
Water, Steam and Rain   *
Rain (Roof, Gutter and Windows)   *
Breaking of glass   *
Cat-Nat (optional) * *
Induction & Glass (optional) * *
Glass (optional) * *
Index (optional) * *