An all-risk insurance with all kinds of extra coverage

The WA Casco Extra gives you a lot of extra coverage in case something happens to your car or your passengers. Are you involved in an accident with a driver that has no insurance? Citizens has you covered because your car is also insured against uninsured drivers for material damages in case of an accident.

Why choose this insurance?

  • Your 3rd party liability is insured
  • Your car is insured even if you are at fault
  • In case of Theft, Fire and Explosion your car is also insured
  • Protection against uninsured drivers
  • Passengers protection
  • In case of repair and your vehicle is not available we provide you with a replacement vehicle with a maximum of Afl.900
  • Free Road Service in case of an accident
  • Free Roadside Assistance in case of a flat tire, no gasoline, key locked in the car, help is on your way


What does it cover?

  • 3rd party liability is insured with a minimum of Afl.150.000
  • Damages to your vehicle in case of Theft, Fire and Explosion
  • Damages to your car in case of an accident even when you are at fault
  • If your car is damaged in an accident by an uninsured driver you are covered up to Afl.30.000
  • Your passengers are insured in case of an accident per vehicle max.Afl.30.000

Coverage table

Coverages WA
WA Casco
WA Casco
WA Casco
Third-Party Liability * * * * * * *
Damages by uninsured vehicles at fault   *   *   * *
Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.)   *   *   * *
Theft     * * * * *
Fire and Explosion     * * * * *
No Deductable Third-Party*   *   *     *
Replacement Vehicle         * * *
Damage to own car         * * *
New Car Replacement             *

* Only applicable for private vehicles.