Would you like the very best for your home and contents?

If the answer is yes, then this insurance is the most comprehensive coverage you can get. The Property Exclusive insures your home and contents against almost everything that can happen. Having already the great coverage from our Essential and Extra insurance, we give you lots of additional coverage for example hurricanes, storms and even earthquakes.  This is the All-Inclusive protection for your home. On top of this comprehensive coverage, Citizens give you a Liability - and Personal Accident Insurance for free.

Why choose this insurance?

  • An All-Inclusive coverage for a reasonable price
  • You are protected against extensive kinds of risks
  • Fast claims processing in case of a claim
  • Free Liability and Personal Accident coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage for your contents

What does it cover?

  • Damages resulting from fire, lightning, explosion, water, rain, steam
  • Breaking of glass, theft, burglary, vandalism
  • Catastrophes & Natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, earthquakes
  • Contents insured such as jewelry, audio and computers with a max. Afl.10.000
  • A Liability Insurance free for the amount of Afl.250.000
  • A Personal Accident Insurance free for the amount of Afl.50.000 /Afl.10.000

Coverage table

Coverages Property
Fire, Explosion, Lightning damage or Loss by aircraft * * *
Theft, Burglary and Vandalism   * *
Robbery & Extortion   * *
If contents are insured: Jewelry, Audio, Computer
(Maximum Afl. 10.000,-)
  * *
Water, Steam and Rain   * *
Rain (Roof, Gutter and Windows)   * *
Breaking of glass   * *
Cat-Nat (optional) * * incl.
Induction (optional) * * incl.
Glass (optional) * * incl.
Index (optional) * * *
Free Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.)
(Afl. 10.000,- / 50.000,-)
Free Liability (Afl. 250.000,-)     *