Make sure your home is well protected

You can increase the protection of the home or contents. Additional coverage is available on top of your Essential or Extra insurance. With these extra coverages, you can protect your home and contents even better.

What are the choices you have?

  • Glass coverage; in case of breaking glass the glass itself is also covered
  • Induction; if a lightning strikes somewhere else but your home or your contents suffer any consequence the damages will be covered
  • Catastrophes & Natural disasters can be insured with this additional coverage

Besides all these coverages we offer also Indexing on your home. This can be added toward the Essential, Extra and Exclusive coverage.

What does "Indexing" mean? Every year building materials,  wages, etc. increase, with these changes the cost to replace or rebuild your home will be more expensive. If you choose to Index your insurance, Citizens will adjust the sum insured of your beloved home so if there is a damage you always will be insured for the correct amounts.  

Coverage table

Coverages Property
Fire, Explosion, Lightning damage or Loss by aircraft * * *
Theft, Burglary and Vandalism   * *
Robbery & Extortion   * *
If contents are insured: Jewelry, Audio, Computer (Max Afl. 10.000,-)   * *
Water, Steam and Rain   * *
Rain (Roof, Gutter and Windows)   * *
Breaking of glass   * *
Cat-Nat (optional) * * *
Induction (optional) * * *
Glass (optional) * * *
Index (optional) * * *
Free Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.) 
(Afl. 10.000,-/50.000,-)
Free Liability (Afl. 250.000,-)     *